I’m New

Maybe you’re new to the area looking for a church to call home? Maybe you have always been here, and driven past wondering what goes on in there? It doesn’t matter! Here are the next steps for you

I am looking for a church to call home

Just moved in? Congratulations! It isn’t easy these days to buy a house or even find a rental in Sydney at the best of times. If you are close by, our church may be the place for you – only way to know is to come along and give it a shot. Our church services are actually held on Saturday at 11:00AM. Prior to church there are bible reading groups and an art & bible class for young people all starting at 9:30AM. Come along to either or both segments and have a look. The best is yet to come for this church, with so much potential, you and your friends could be part of the next season here – it would be so great to have you with all your stories, experience, ideas and God given talent. 

I want to know more about Jesus

Maybe it was a friend who stood out from the rest, or something you saw online.. maybe you have always heard God calling you home but have been running. Now is the time for you to respond. Jesus is the only real solid foundation you will find in todays crazy world. If you want to just learn about who He is, hear what He had to say for himself, and learn how He feels about you, then reach out! We will give you a brand new NLT bible without hesitation so you can see it for yourself, and we will do our best to fit into your busy schedule to learn alongside you and to try and answer the questions you might have by pointing to what Jesus had to say about it! Go ahead and jump across to the contact page on this website and send through a message, or call/txt our pastor on 0423107766. 

I want my kids to experience church like I did..

If thats the case, thats awesome. Bring them along at 9:30AM on Saturdays to the lower carpark where our youth and kids ministry operates. If they’re 12yrs old or older, we have this fun little art class where they can learn new skills while also learning about the Bible and what it says for their lives. In an ever changing world and society there is no better foundation to give your kids, then the foundation laid by Jesus. 

  • God loves your kids with an everlasting love, even more than we as parents can love them!
  • God is their strong tower and place of safety in an uncertain world
  • He has incredible plans for their little lives that will see them soar into adventure 
  • God has the gift of His Spirit to fortify and strengthen our inner lives, a kind of resilience that can’t be bought or taught. Our kids need resilience today. 

I am just curious

Maybe you just have some questions and would love to hear what the Christian perspective is. We aren’t afraid of questions – and neither is God! So bring them along!

OUr Location

Ever been to Fagan Park? We are the church on the corner right before you enter Fagan Park main entrance. 

Located right near the main strip in town, there are great cafe's just up the road - we can recommend 'the local collective' ( https://www.facebook.com/thelocalcollectivecafe/ ). 


We have ample free parking for you and your friends. 

Maps took you to the wrong place?

It does appear that some GPS programs and apps will lead you to a little street called 'School Road' - if you are there now, don't worry - you are close! Just head back out to the main road 'Arcadia Road' and turn left, we are about 200m down the road right on the corner - with the phone tower on our block! 

49 Arcadia Road, Galston, NSW, 2159 Australia
Click Here for Directions

Our Beliefs

Seventh-day Adventists accept the Bible as their only creed and hold certain fundamental beliefs to be the teaching of the Holy Scriptures. These beliefs, as set forth here, constitute the church’s understanding and expression of the teaching of Scripture. Revision of these statements may be expected at a General Conference session when the church is led by the Holy Spirit to a fuller understanding of Bible truth or finds better language in which to express the teachings of God’s Holy Word.

Holy Scriptures

The Holy Scriptures, Old and New Testaments, are the written Word of God, given by divine inspiration through holy men of God who spoke and wrote as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. In this Word, God has committed to man the knowledge necessary for salvation. The Holy Scriptures are the infallible revelation of His will. They are the standard of character, the test of experience, the authoritative revealer of doctrines, and the trustworthy record of God’s acts in history. (2 Peter 1:20, 21; 2 Tim. 3:16, 17; Ps. 119:105; Prov. 30:5, 6; Isa. 8:20; John 17:17; 1 Thess. 2:13; Heb. 4:12.)

Holy Spirit
Nature of Man
Great Controversy
Life, Death and Resurrection of Christ
Experience of Salvation
Growing in Christ
Remnant and Its Mission
Unity in the Body of Christ
Lord’s Supper
Spiritual Gifts and Ministries
Gift of Prophecy
Law of God
Christian Behaviour
Marriage and the Family
Christ’s Ministry in the Heavenly Sanctuary
Second Coming of Christ
Death and Resurrection
Millennium and the End of Sin
New Earth


  • Parenting Children Course – Info Night

Come along, bring the family or drop by on your own to check out what is coming up in the month of May! I Hope to see you there!

  • Community Lunch

Our next community Lunch is going to be held on the 28th of May. This lunch is held after our church service and all are welcome. You can bring food, or simply arrive and you will be welcomed! This is an opportunity to showcase your best culinary skills if you are so inclined!