About Us

Our Church Family

Who are the people that meet in Galston SDA church? We are a collection of people from various walks of life. Some of us having grown up in the Christian faith, others discovering Jesus later in life. Are we perfect? No, of course not! Who is these days? But we all long to follow in the footsteps of Jesus in our lives. Jesus loved people, made time for them, and ultimately gave himself for others. We meet together because of Him. 

We have a strong group of retirees amongst our church family, so if you are in the 4th quarter – a very significant chapter of life – then you will find others in the same journey! Our retirees are vibrant, active people with time and energy to offer. Whether you are in the 4th quarter, or just starting a family, empty nesters etc, you will benefit greatly from the wisdom and care that our senior church family offer. 

We do have a few young people – from toddler to uni age. Our young people are awesome and they are the future of our church, and along with all churches in our world! 

What are our church services like?

Our weekly services are currently following a traditional approach to worship and structure. Think classic church. We have an organ and grand piano, and often sing songs from the hymnal. Why? Because of the age our church family. These songs represent rich history and stories of God’s leading and faithfulness over the years here in Galston. To our church family, the style represents the culmination many years well lived. If you are used to contemporary worship music, and more fluid service style, see this as an opportunity to look through the eyes of someone else, and see God through their experience. Our church family does also understand that there are huge differences between generations, and as the next generations come through our services and style will continue to adjust to best speak to the lives of the people in the room! 


Galston SDA church originally started out in Arcadia – in a small chapel, built on the backs of locals who wanted to lift up the name of Jesus in the region! Many other churches in this area share a similar story and it is awesome to be a part of the legacy that has been handed down to us! (Thinking of the Glenorie Mission Church and their awesome story!) 

Have a look at these photos to give you an idea of the origins of our church family.

Above is our founding church family

Our first church building

Our Pastoral Family

Pr Nick & Sarah Kross are our pastoral family. They have a beautiful little daughter named Sienna, who is 18 months old. Pr Nick & Sarah live in Dural and have for the last 5 years. They love the country feel and quality of community here in Galston and the surrounding region. Pr Nick also spends half the week serving as a primary school chaplain in Auburn ( https://auburn.adventist.edu.au ), supporting and encouraging young children and families while sharing the good news about Jesus. Sarah is trained in psychology and works as a school counsellor at Hills Adventist College ( https://hills.adventist.edu.au ), and has worked there for 5 years supporting children and youth. Both Hills and Auburn Seventh Day Adventist Schools are excellent affordable private school options for your family! 

Pr Nick & Sarah both grew up in the Christian faith, and have been heavily involved in Summercamp, youth, and worship ministry over their 11 years together. They both have a passion for young people and hope to empower and encourage them as much as possible with their lives.